Friday, February 26, 2010

going back to KK

today my family n i will be back to kuala kangsar..meeting my lovely opah after so long didn't see her after abelong's wedding..last week i met my atok, this week my opah..they are the only my precious and miss opah so much...

asyraf also will follow us to KK..tomorow we plan to mandi manda at ulu kenas..can't wait to be there..lame da tak mandi..kekeke..poyo la nak write in english..nampak sangat le lemah english nih..kuang3...

at 5pm we will depart from taman melati, maybe at 6.30pm we will arrive..whole family abah mak abelong n his wife kak yatt n their baby in the uterus, Gee ,raihan,asyraf n me together naik 2 kereta..k doakan kami selamat tangkap gambo banyak2..nak posing sana sini..kekeke..daaa

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